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Christian Baker

Research Fellow in Ultrasound-guided Interventions

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Christian is technical lead on a translational research project that aims to bring recent advancements in real-time ultrasonic and photo-acoustic tracking of intraoperative needles to the clinic.


Christian joined the Department of Surgical and Interventional Engineering in 2020, originally working in the CAI4CAI​ research group developing a real-time needle tracking system for fetal medicine as part of GiFT-Surg. He joined PURL in 2022 to begin the translational project.

Christian received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from King's College London in 2020 while working as a Senior Research Scientist in Medical Ultrasonics at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), where his research interests included ultrasound computed tomography for breast cancer detection, ultrasound metrology and field measurement. Prior to starting at NPL in 2009, he completed his BSc (2008, ISVR, University of Southampton) and MSc (2009, University of Edinburgh) degrees in Acoustical Engineering and Signal Processing respectively.

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