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Recent updates from PURL including conference attendances, papers and awards.


Mengjie Shi delivered two fantastic presentations at the @SPIE Photonics West! She demonstrated how deep learning can be used to improve blood oxygen saturation measurements using LED photoacoustic imaging and reduce skin tone bias.


Mengjie Shi focusing presented her work on learning-based sound-speed correction for dual-modal photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging at the 2023 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS). Watch the presentation here. A proceedings paper is due for publication.


Dr Tianrui Zhao has been awarded the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship for his research into new methods of photoacoustic imaging to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer. The RAEng Research Fellowships programme supports outstanding early-career researchers to become future research leaders in engineering.


Dr Tianrui Zhao presented his work "All-optical multimode fibre photoacoustic endomicroscopy with scalable spatial resolution and field-of-view" at the SPIE Opto-Acoustic Methods and Applications in Biophotonics VI event, part of European Conferences on Biomedical Optics. An accompanying proceedings paper has also been published.


Dr Tianrui Zhao and Dr Wenfeng Xia have submitted a patent application for their work on spatial light modulation for endoscopy (Wenfeng XI, Tianrui ZH, Vercauteren T, Ourselin S. Apparatus and method for spatial light modulation. United States patent application US 17/792,914. 2023 Jul 27.)


Christian and Mengjie attended SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. Christian presented an invited paper on his needle tracking work, and a second paper introducing the new 3D tracking project. Mengjie presented a paper on improving the frame rate of photoacoustic microscopy with deep learning, and two posters: one on denoising LED photoacoustic imaging and another on photoacoustic visualisation of needles. 


A new collaborative project "Next-generation 3D ultrasonic needle tracking" with BICI has officially started. The project will utilise recent developments in tracking technology from PURL to deliver a new 3D tracking platform for minimally invasive surgical and interventional procedures, working towards commercialisation. Christian Baker is the technical lead.


Tianrui has had a paper describing his work in photoacoustic microscopy published in Applied Sciences.


Christian has had a paper describing his work in automated ultrasound needle tracking published in Sensors.


Wenlong Qiao from Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, China, has joined the group as a visiting PhD student. Welcome, Wenlong!


Javad Rostami has joined the group as a Research Associate in Ultrasound Signal Processing. Welcome, Javad!


Mengjie has had a paper describing her method for denoising photoacousic images published in Biomedical Optics Express.


The PURL team attended the New Scientist Live exhibition at the Excel Centre, London, manning their "Sonic Needle" game (developed by Christian and James) as part of the School's Hospital of the Future exhibit.


Christian, Mengjie and Tianrui presented three oral papers at IOP Optics + Ultrasound V​.


Christian and Mengjie presented two oral papers at BioMedEng22.


Mengjie has had a paper describing her work in photoacoustic visualisation of clinical needles published in Sensors.


Shiying Wu from Tongji University (Shanghai, China) joined our lab as a visiting PhD student. Welcome, Shiying!


Tianrui Zhao's recent work on ultrathin photoacoustic endomicroscope is published in Biomedical Optics Express! This work has been highlighted as Editor's pick and featured by Optica as a News Release. Well done, Tianrui! 


Mengjie and Tianrui have delivered invited talks at the International Workshop on Biomedical Photoacoustics as part of the IEEE EMBC 2022 annual conference in Glasgow. 


Tianrui attended HSMR2022 Workshop: Sensing and Biophotonics for Surgical Robotics and In-Vivo Diagnostics with a poster presentation.


Mengjie's recent work on surgical needle visualisation with photoacoustic imaging and AI was published in Photoacoustics. Congratulations to Mengjie and the team!


Tianrui has passed his PhD viva with minor revision! Congratulations, Dr. Tianrui Zhao!


Mengjiao Zhang from Tongji University (Shanghai, China) joined the lab as a visiting PhD student. Welcome, Mengjiao!


Tianrui attended PIERS 2021 and was awarded a 1st Prize Winner of the Best Student Paper Award. A total number of 5 First Prize Winners were awarded for the entire conference. Congratulations, Tianrui!


Weidong joined the lab as a PhD student! Welcome onboard!


Wenfeng was awarded a new grant from the Academy of Medical Sciences on the development of multi-modal optical imaging probes for neurosurgical guidance. We are forward to exciting times ahead with collaborators Prof. Keyoumars Ashkan from KCH and Prof. Paul Beard from UCL.


Tianrui attended European Conference on Biomedical Optics and gave two oral presentations.


We had a picnic in Richmond park!


Our research article 'High-speed photoacoustic-guided wavefront shaping for focusing light in scattering media' was published in Optics Letters and highlighted as Editor's pick! This research was on the spotlight on research at King's news centre.  Congratulations to Tianrui for his excellent work!


Mengjie and Qi joined the group as PhD students - welcome aboard! 


Our research article 'Seeing through multimode fibres with real-valued intensity transmission matrices' was published in Optics Express. This research was highlighted on the spotlight on research by King's. Congratulations to first author Tianrui and all!


Wenfeng and Tianrui attended SPIE Photonics West 2020. We had an oral and a poster presentation.


Tianrui attended the 9th International Graduate summer school Biophotonics '19 and presented a poster in Sweden.


Tianrui received the Best Oral Presentation award at the 2019 PGR Research Symposium. Congratulations, Tianrui!


Our review article 'Minimally invasive photoacoustic imaging: Current status and future perspectives' was published in Photoacoustics. Congratulations to first author Tianrui, and all the co-authors!


Tianrui attended the 9th International Graduate summer school Biophotonics '19 and presented a poster in Sweden.


Fang-Yu joined the group as a Research Associate.


Wenfeng received a MRC confidence in concept award on "Interoperable ultrasonic needle tracking with a fibre-optic microresonator ultrasound sensor".


Tianrui joined the group as a PhD student! 

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